Communication style self-diagnosis page

You can use this simple communication style diagnostic sheet to find out your own communication tendencies.
This is just a simple diagnosis, so please use it as a reference only.

To answer, answer each question by saying “I am ___” as the subject. Please select the most appropriate option from the following:「Very true」「True」「Normal」「Not true」「Not at all」.

The information you provide will only be used to reflect your diagnosis results, and will not be used for any other purpose.

Q1 : The leader of the team
Q2 : Competitive
Q3 : Bold
Q4 : Focus on challenges 
Q5 : Express directly
Q6 : Independent
Q7 : Realistic
Q8 : Problem solver
Q9 : Result-focused
Q10 : Strong will
Q11 : Expressive 
Q12 : Persuasive
Q13 : Enthusiastic
Q14 : Set the mood for the people around you
Q15 : Interactive
Q16 : Optimisti
Q17 : Fast talker
Q18 : Exciting
Q19 : I like talking
Q20 : Easy to believe
Q21 : Amiable
Q22 : Friendly
Q23 : Good listener
Q24 : Patient
Q25 : Calm
Q26 : Sincere
Q27 : Emotionally stable
Q28 : Consistent
Q29 : Being supportive of others
Q30 : Conservative
Q31 : Analytical
Q32 : Actions and statements are accurate
Q33 : Logical thinker
Q34 : Polite
Q35 : Undiplomatic
Q36 : Focused on facts and logic
Q37 : Aiming for a high standard
Q38 : Objective
Q39 : Precise
Q40 : Serious